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Yurchik Dive Club @Artemov's

About Coach Aliaksei Yurchyk

Aliaksei is from the country of Belarus and has an extensive professional background in the sports of diving and gymnastics. We are happy to have him join our start and start this unique and exciting new program!

Aliaksei has received the prestigous title if "Master of Sport" and has won many local and international championships including but not limited to the 1999 European Cup in France the 2000 European Cup in Germany.


Since moving to San Antonio he has worked full time as a performing diver for Sea World. Also, he has been featured in several local television and newspaper ads; the same goes for many other cities throughout the United States where he has performed!

Additionally, he has a fully array of safety certifications including USA Diving Certification, USA Gymnastics Coach Certification, USA SafeSport, Concussion, CPS, and First Aid Certifications.

We are excited to having Aliaksei begin his diving program in conjunction with the NISD Natatorium where the diving will take place. Here at the gym our equipment, mats, trampolines, spotting belts, and foam pit will be used for training.

Diving & Gymnastics!

Diving & Gymnastics have a great deal in common. This includes the tumbling, strength,and flexibility requirements in each sport.  

Flipping and twisting techniques will be learned at Artemov Gymnastics using the foam pit, trampolines, and spotting belt in a safe and controlled environment.

Diving is the sport of jumping into water from a platform or springboard while performing acrobatics. These acrobatic skills come directly from the techniques used in gymnastics. The two sports compliment each other perfectly!

Classes Coming Soon!

We are excited to begin this new program as soon as possible. Gymnastics training classes will be available Mon, Wed, Fri, and Sat. Swimming will be Tues & Thurs at the NISD Natatorium!

Please call 210-497-5000 for additional information!